But Now

“But now” are two small words; however, when they are found in the Bible they have such seriousness attached to them in Luke 16:25 that we should ponder their meaning. In their context they are used as follows: “But now he is comforted, and thou art tormented” (KJV). These words were spoken to a man who lived without any consideration of what God had expected of him, and he died that way. The other man, who also died, and was now comforted, died with his faith in God still intact, although he had his share of trouble in the world. The words “but now” will have an eternity of meaning for each of us in the next life, when we will be either comforted or tormented. And to really understand what this will mean, the comfort or torment will never end. We must keep our faith in God through Jesus Christ intact, no matter what we go through in this present life, for this life is a life of trial. Let us live for Jesus while we can, for we must meet Him in the next life as our Savior or our Judge. You can find Jesus right now if you pray to Him with all your heart. He will come into your life and be your Savior.