The Water of Life

By G. D. Watson Among the various emblems in Scripture, which the Holy Spirit has selected, none is more frequently used than that of water. In the second chapter of Genesis we have an account of a river that went out of Eden to water the garden, which had four heads or branches. This river … Read more The Water of Life

Entire Sanctification

By Adam Clarke     The word “sanctify” has two meanings. It signifies to consecrate, that is, to separate from earthly and common use and to devote or dedicate to God and His service. It also signifies to make holy or pure.     Many talk much, and indeed well, of what Christ has done for us, but  how … Read more Entire Sanctification

Steps to Holiness

By G. D. Watson There springs up in the heart of the new Christian a desire to grow in grace, but his views of growth are vague, and as he looks forward to his Christian journey a silver mist hangs over the dis­tant horizon. He does not apprehend clearly the hindrances in his own nature to … Read more Steps to Holiness