How Does God View The Death Of The Sinner?

HE HAS NO PLEASURE IN IT! It might appear that He has. Men transfer to God their own low notions of vengeance. Revenge is sweet among men; therefore it is supposed that God must take some pleasure in avenging Himself on those who have offended Him. “Have I any pleasure at all that the wicked … Read more

The Salvation of Jesus Christ

By Albert Barnes Preach the Gospel to every creature. Jesus, in His great mercy, has wished that His Gospel might break through every barrier; that every person might be able to understand it; that every sinner might profit from it and that the message of eternal salvation might be offered to the entire world. To … Read more


In the Holy Bible you will find that Heaven is a place where GOD lives. “Our Father which art in heaven . . .” (Mt. 6:9) tells us so. God wants you to be with Him in Heaven and He has made it possible for you to live there. Heaven is a place where peace … Read more

What You Need To Know

There is an all-powerful and eternal GOD, who created the world in which we live. When God made the first man and woman He gave them the power and the freedom to either obey or disobey His will. They disobeyed it and committed sin, and became depraved in their natures; and their depravity has been … Read more

What God Can Do

What God did for this man He can do for you. A man came to a Christian minister by the name of Stephen Merritt for help and advice. He said, “Mr. Merritt, I had heard that you sympathize with a fellow in trouble and I am going to tell you the whole truth. I have … Read more

The Conviction and Conversion of John Wesley

On February 1, 1738, Wesley writes, “It is now two years and almost four months since I left my native country in order to teach the Georgian Indians the nature of Christianity, but what have I learned in the meantime? Why (what I the last of all suspected), that I, who went to America to … Read more

From Bar-Room to Pulpit

By Rev. Carl H. Dauel “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth.” – Rom. 1:16 Many things occurred in my life before I was saved that I am ashamed of, and it is not a pleasant task for me … Read more

A Christmas Gift in Prison

Some years ago I was asked to preach to the inmates in the state prison. Seated on the platform with the Warden, I watched the men march in – 700 of them, both young and old. Among them were 76 “lifers,” who were there for the crime of murder. I arose to preach after the … Read more

A Thief Finds Peace of Mind

A true account by Charles Finney A young woman visited me one day under great conviction of sin. While talking to her, I found that she had many things that bothered her conscience. She told me that she had been in the habit of stealing things, ever since she was a very young girl. She … Read more

An Addict Finds the Savior

Delia Rees, the “Bluebird of Mulberry Bend,” was one of the lowest and vilest frequenters of the dens of iniquity in the city of N___. In one such den, surrounded by thieves and wicked associates, she was befriended by some Christian workers, and a desire for a life of purity was kindled in her through … Read more