Holiness and the Second Coming of Christ

By J. B. Chapman The Scriptures abound in threats to the world and promises to the Church that Jesus Christ will come back to the world a second time. The hope of the world is in the salvation that Jesus pro­vided at His first coming. The hope of the Church is in the second coming … Read more

Five Steps To Holiness

By P. F. Bresee One of the most difficult things to determine for the seeker of holiness, and for those who are helping the seeker, is when the question can be earnestly asked, “What shall I do that I may be sanctified wholly?” It is to answer this question that we write. It is presumed … Read more

Extracts from “Why We Separated From the World”

By Philip Mauro It remains to this day a truth, how­ever unpopular and seldom proclaimed, that “the friendship of the world is enmity with God” (James 4:4) — and necessarily so, since everything, how­ever seemingly innocent or even “improving,” which serves to crowd God out of our thoughts and hearts, is His enemy and ours. … Read more

Be Holy

By Puritan My Christian friend, this is a divine command; and none could be plainer and none more pronounced. You cannot read your Bible and fail to see that God de­mands holiness in connection with His people. What is holiness? In a word, it is free­dom from sin. You have not long been a Chris­tian … Read more

A Holiness Catechism

By J. B. Chapman Q. What do we understand to be the meaning of holiness as taught in the Bible and set forth in the testimony of thousands who say they are sanc­tified wholly? A. Holiness, the state of heart purity, is the result of the bap­tism with the Holy Ghost and fire (Mt. 3:11). … Read more