The Salvation of Jesus Christ

By Albert Barnes Preach the Gospel to every creature. Jesus, in His great mercy, has wished that His Gospel might break through every barrier; that every man might be able to understand it; that every sinner might profit from it and that the message of eternal salvation might be offered to the entire world. To … Read more The Salvation of Jesus Christ


By Thomas E. Stephens Suppose someone were to offer me a thousand dollars for every soul that I might earnestly try to lead to Christ. Would I endeavor to lead any more souls to Him than I am endeavoring to do now?  Is it possible that I would attempt to do for money, even at … Read more Suppose

The Ten Commandments of God

With explanations by Adam Clarke The Ten Commandments of God are moral in nature. They reflect the holiness of God and teach us what sin is. If we lived in a world that had no standard of right and wrong, we would be totally plunged into moral darkness. EXODUS 20:1-17 v. 1 And God spake … Read more The Ten Commandments of God

La Rechute et la Défaillance

Par C. W. Naylor ASSISTANCE POUR L`ÂME AFFAIBLIE J`ai connu des centaines de gens qui sont venus à l`autel, croyant qu`ils étaient des rétrogrades, mais qui n`en étaient pas du tout, comme l`a révélé une petite enquête de leurs cas. Ils n`ont pas été déconnectés de Dieu. Ils ont tout simplement laissé refroidir leur foi, … Read more La Rechute et la Défaillance